Rare Exploding Meteor Shot Goes Viral

Scott Rinckenberger meteor photo goes viral

After a few trials to dial in light levels, Scott put a 10-second timer on a 30-second exposure to capture a night sky campground shot in Joshua Tree, California, and jumped down off his truck to get in the frame. The odds an exploding meteor would perfectly enter the photograph in the upper corner are infinitely small, so when that exact thing happened the media, unsurprisingly, got as fired up as Scott did. The image and Scott’s story were featured by The New York Daily News, The Daily Telegraph in London, Gizmodo, Petapixel, Slate.com, and Southern California Public Radio.

Suggested Follow on Instagram

Scott Rinckenberger Photography Instagram

In September of 2013, Instagram admins selected Scott’s account as a “suggested follow” for new users and for people using Instagram’s “Explore” function. In under a month his follower numbers exploded from 4,000 to over 28,000.  “The beauty of Instagram is that it is simultaneously an information platform, and a source of endless creative inspiration. I use a combination of real-time posts and curated work from my collection in order to share the journey that is life as a professional artist and adventurer. But as much as I enjoy sharing my work on Instagram, what is far more captivating is seeing the art and experiences being shared all over the world every day; I love to keep track of amazing people to see what’s going to happen next!”

“An Elevated State” Project Feature in A Sporting Life

A Sporting Life: Scott Rinckenberger An Elevated State

Asportinglife.com is an authoritative voice in the world of sports branding, marketing, and design. Featuring one of Scott’s favorite art projects, “An Elevated State,” he discusses about where the inspiration to ski 12 consecutive months in his home state of Washington came from and how seeking turns in the late summer months lead to “literally the worst skiing I’ve experienced in my 30-plus years of sliding on snow.”


“An Elevated State” Presentation at REI Flagship Store

From the invite to “12 Months of Skiing” at REI’s Seattle store: “Photographer and backcountry skier Scott Rinckenberger managed to ski at least one day in the Washington Cascades each of the twelve months of 2012 and immortalized the experience with a series of spectacular fine art photographs. Join us as we welcome Scott to exhibit this artwork and share hard earned stories and know-how that may leave you thinking about making turns all year.”

Olympus Shares Scott’s Video Review of the OM-D E-M5

Olympus features Scott Rinckenberger OM-D E-M5 video review

Scott has been a huge fan of the Olympus OM-D cameras for a few years, because they live up to his very high performance standards needs and are small enough to carry to the highest peaks in some of the most remote regions on earth. Here, he thoroughly reviews the performance of the OM-D E-M5 while in the field. Olympus featured his review in multiple promoted posts on various social media channels, as well as on their product homepage.

“An Elevated State” Featured By My Modern Metropolis

My Modern Met Features An Elevated State By Scott Rinckenberger

My Modern Metropolis, or mymodernmet.com, is dedicated to “amazing art, clever design, and incredible photography;” and they receive an average of 5 million visitors a month. About Scott’s “An Elevated State” project, they said “Rinckenberger shows us Washington as we’ve never seen it before. Love how he purposely captures man as just a small silhouette against the grandeur of nature.”

Imaging-Resource.com: Real World Review of the Sony A99

Imaging resource scott rinckenberger review sony a99

Imaging-Resource.com commissioned Scott to put the new Sony Alpha A99 full-frame camera through a rigorous real world test review. They were so impressed with the in-depth analysis and images he submitted that they created a new, more image-centric, format for their camera reviews. Scott doesn’t claim to a camera review expert, but his analysis of the Sony A99 is thorough and relevant to the kind of photographer he is. There’s some great insights into his shooting methods as well.

Imaging-Resource.com: Photographer Profile

Imaging-Resource.com: Scott Rinckenberger Profile

Imaging Resource noticed Scott’s non-traditional approach to action sports photographs, noting his images “tend to have a more contemplative feel with the humans in the shots dwarfed by the immense and beautiful scenery surrounding them.” This thorough profile/interview covers Scott’s unique transition from being a professional skier to being a professional photographer; and what he’s learned along the way from both.