“An Elevated State” Featured By My Modern Metropolis

My Modern Met Features An Elevated State By Scott Rinckenberger

My Modern Metropolis, or mymodernmet.com, is dedicated to “amazing art, clever design, and incredible photography;” and they receive an average of 5 million visitors a month. About Scott’s “An Elevated State” project, they said “Rinckenberger shows us Washington as we’ve never seen it before. Love how he purposely captures man as just a small silhouette against the grandeur of nature.”

Imaging-Resource.com: Real World Review of the Sony A99

Imaging resource scott rinckenberger review sony a99

Imaging-Resource.com commissioned Scott to put the new Sony Alpha A99 full-frame camera through a rigorous real world test review. They were so impressed with the in-depth analysis and images he submitted that they created a new, more image-centric, format for their camera reviews. Scott doesn’t claim to a camera review expert, but his analysis of the Sony A99 is thorough and relevant to the kind of photographer he is. There’s some great insights into his shooting methods as well.