Honorable Mention: International Photography Awards 2013

nternational Photography Awards 2013 Honorable Mention Scott Rinckenberger

The International Photography Awards conducts an annual competition for professional, non-professional, and student photographers on a global scale; creating one of the most ambitious and comprehensive competitions in the photography world today. From Scott: “While pioneering and documenting a first descent on a peak in the Snoqualmie Pass backcountry of Washington State, I looked down our intended route and found my ski partner’s tips perched precariously, and photogenically on the literal edge. I fitted my wide angle lens to capture the breadth of the forested environment below, snapped a few shots and watched as my partner commenced to flash the line and fly out safely on the valley floor. My turn…”

Gizmodo Calls Meteor Shot One of 100 Most Astonishing of 2013

Gizmodo calls Scott Rinckenberger exploding meteor shot one of most astonishing of 2013

In addition to their “100 Most Astonishing Shots of 2013,” Gizmodo asks of Scott’s exploding meteor photograph “what are the odds of capturing a moment this rare?” He responds: “It’s a non-chance. There is no way to plan for something like this. No way to even hope for it.” Scott gives a detailed account of the moments leading up to the photo, and his reaction when he realized he had it.

Rare Exploding Meteor Shot Goes Viral

Scott Rinckenberger meteor photo goes viral

After a few trials to dial in light levels, Scott put a 10-second timer on a 30-second exposure to capture a night sky campground shot in Joshua Tree, California, and jumped down off his truck to get in the frame. The odds an exploding meteor would perfectly enter the photograph in the upper corner are infinitely small, so when that exact thing happened the media, unsurprisingly, got as fired up as Scott did. The image and Scott’s story were featured by The New York Daily News, The Daily Telegraph in London, Gizmodo, Petapixel, Slate.com, and Southern California Public Radio.